Negative Impact Of E-Waste To Health And Environment


To both health and environment, e-waste poses significant risks. The rapid transformation of lifestyle has created exposure to risks. We have welcomed technology and gadgets with open arms. Our habits have witnessed this transformation as we have transformed completely through this digital revolution.

So, what is e-waste?

Items such as computers, cell phones, TVs, and other electrical wastes which we have thrown away constitute e-waste. With the long-term usage of electronics and other electrical equipment has rapidly transformed our spending and consuming habits.

Throughout the world, there is this growing concern of the e-waste and its disposal as they have piled up taking up almost the maximum space.

It is found, that the researchers this day have now linked e-waste to have an adverse effect on human health say suppose inflammation and oxidative stress which results to the cardiovascular disease, DNA damage and raising the possibility for cancer. E-wastes also have a damaging impact on the environment and its illegal smuggling.

Our nation now stays crippled under the issue of e-wastes management this has led to the growth of professional rubbish removal sydney companies who render effective health to provide the best of their junk removal services. We are brought down even to meet the next challenge which is the e-waste treatment to serve overall.

What is the rate of e-waste which is in existence today?

This question has its own complication due to the incomplete data of its definition and the non-standardized method of reporting.

There was some research made in the U.S. in an EPA publication which results in the following scenario witnessed worldwide:

  • The selling rate of new electronic products were 438 million
  • In storage, there were about 5 million short tons of electrical products.
  • Under the end-of-life management were 2.37 million short tons of electrical products.
  • And, for recycling, about 25% of these tons were meant for collection.

Understanding Moore’s Law

The observation made scarring over the history of hardware computing, approximately almost every two years, the number of transistors on integrated circuit doubles. This is what Moore’s Law is which is named after Intel co-founder Gordon E.Moore. This leads the way for the development of new and highly-improved electrical devices. Instead of being just an observation, it was reported that Moore’s Law simple became the goal for many leading industries.

Causes & outcomes for e-waste generation leading to health issues

The following are the reasons behind the generation of e-waste:

  • Innovative approaches and up gradation of technology
  • Transformation in lifestyles
  • No intent for further uses

The issues are further upheld due to the lack of some strict policies for e-waste management. The traditional approaches for waste management and recycling methods have further exploited by certain sectors of the community. They stick to burning their waste, heat the circuit board exposing them to the acid baths dumping waste into the landfills and much more.

When workers are subjected to an unorganized e-waste management space they face risk issues when there are no protective measures taken. We can also see the conversion of harmful emissions which are subjected to the air which we breathe in as the e-waste and its metals gets mixed in the soil and water, further having negative health impact to people who drink from it. These results to the worst outcome people have ever witnessed.

Health issues due to improper disposal of e-waste

Both to the environment and even to mankind, improper handling of the e-wastes is quite hazardous. E-wastes usually comprises of plastics and toxic chemicals which releases out to the environment causing a negative impact on the environment too. The following are the health risk which usually happens when pollutants such as furans and dioxins from polyvinyl chloride, lead, beryllium, cadmium, mercury enter the environment:

  • Reproductive problems
  • Problems with development
  • Damaging the immune system
  • Interference with the regulatory hormones
  • Damaging the nervous system
  • Damaging kidney
  • Hampering bran development in children
  • Being prone to lung cancer
  • Chronic beryllium disease
  • Skin issues
  • Cadmium accumulations on liver and kidney
  • Asthmatic bronchitis
  • Damage of DNA
  • Weakness in muscle
  • Endocrine system disruption

You may be prone to severe health issues which can prove to be fatal when you are exposed to the harmful chemicals which are present in e-waste. These toxins make their way up to our body through inhalation, skin absorption or ingestion. Humans also are prone to risks of developing the above-mentioned issues too along with the other health hazards.

This is the high time that we look out for proper, safe and much-organized e-waste disposal which do not have any negative effect on our health and environment. There are many organizations these days who are on the constant move to make this world a safe and better place through their activities such as the deployment of waste collection vans, increasing awareness of e-waste and its harmful effects to schools, clubs and other local places

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