Menstrual Pain: 5 Ways Can Give You Instant Relief

  1. Applying Heat to the back: You can choose between wet or dry heat. You can apply Electric Heating Pads or Hot Water Bag to the area where pain is present. This will relax the contracting muscle and give you some relief. But the disadvantage is that you have to use it almost the whole day
  2. Exercise: It is better to do at any time. It means, if you do exercise everyday when there is no menstrual pain, the muscles increases its strength which during menstruation, gives you positive result. Also, during menstruation, if possible, you can walk a little, obviously do not attempt any moderate to heavy exercise. Exercise will lead to release of endorphins which in turn counteract with prostaglandin which causes the cramping pain
  3. Vitamin D: A study found that high doses of vitamin D3 leads to significant decrease in menstrual cramping. To get more information about Vitamin D, Read our blog Vitamin D: This Can Save You from Many Disease
  4. Orgasm: This may sound odd to you but its right. Having orgasm may relax your uterus, helps to relieve the cramps. Also, endorphin secretion may increase, relax the whole body and induce sleep. All these will decrease your pain
  5. Drugs: This must be taken under strict supervision of a doctor. It may include NSAID like ibuprofen. Paracetamol can also be taken in mild cases. If pain increases, anticholinergic drugs like dicyclomine is good. Choosing drugs, dosing, etc must be done under a doctor’s advice
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