Cuts: What to do?


What You Should Do When you cut yourself?

It is a very common occurrence in everyday life. Specially kids get affected by cuts or wound while playing. But as it occurs often, we do not care so much. Remember, this simple cut or wound can have bacterial infection if not treated at the right time. Specially, if you have diseases like diabetes, it becomes more complicated and healing is not easy in this disease.
Simple cuts may be simple but at times, they may not act like simple and can cause complications.
This chapter deals with what you should do just after
Cut wound.

First of all, remember, most important is keeping the Wound mouth clean and dry. At the very first, when the wound occurred, it has to be clean with cold and clean water flowing. Then stop the bleeding with gauge or any clean piece of cloth or cotton, etc. But do not press with dirty clothes. If there is nothing mentioned above then apply another hand to press the wound opening. After cleaning and arresting the bleeding, it should be closed to heal properly and to avoid any entry of organism or dirt. Before closing, you can give antiseptic lotions which are available in the market. Another thing is before closing, the wound opening has to be clean and dry. Then close the wound with bandage. But if the wound is bigger enough, it has to be maintain daily.

Keep in mind…

Always keep in mind to see whether there is development of swelling, redness, pain, pus coming out, etc. These are all signs of inflammation and infection.
Now, there is a very popular treatment every body does in case of wound healing or simple cuts. There is popular First Aid treatment which is given by almost everyone after a minor cut/wound.

This kind of gesture is called Wound licking. There are considerable points which support wound licking is good as treatment. Saliva contains tissue factors which promote blood clotting process in the wound opening. Tears are also beneficial in this case. For instance, wound inside the mouth heals faster, may be due to excessive saliva present there.

Although, wound licking is an instinctive act of human or animals, it is not actively encouraged due to the fact that human saliva also may contain bacteria.
If the wound is made with rusted iron or dirty surface, Tetanus injection is always advised. Pain may be there. If the wound is bigger then pain medication is advised. When wound takes place, at that very time, you should apply cold water, which will make the arteries to contract and bleeding will be minimized. Topical antibiotic or antibiotic cream may be applied.
Last but not least, if the wound takes longer time to heal or if there is bleeding, pain, swelling, something’s coming out, you must visit doctor before it becomes too serious.

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