Breast Cancer: 10 Signs and Symptoms


Below are some Signs and Symptoms that indicates you may have Breast Cancer. If you find or suspect to have on yourself, get a check up as soon as possible

  1. Lump in the breast
  2. Swelling in the breast, if no lump
  3. Skin irritation
  4. Nipple retraction: the top of the nipple goes inside, i.e, inversion of nipple
  5. Nipple discharge other than milk, like bloody or clear discharge
  6. Change in the skin texture or enlargement of pores present in breast skin
  7. Recent change like asymmetry of the breast
  8. Redness and heat in the skin of the breast
  9. Rash on and around the nipple
  10. Scaling, thickening or hardness around/on the skin of breast or under the skin of breast

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