Best Ways To Protect Yourself From Corona Virus



COVID-19 is the scariest sound of today’s world-isn’t it?
Well..its quite justified as it is officially declared as a Pandemic now. This crisis has grabbed the attention of people all over the globe. The outbreak started in Wuhan city of China and kept on spreading with every passing day. Now almost all continents are having the cases of Covid-19.
As it affects the Respiratory System, its severity has left all of us worried like anything.
After all,nobody wants to undergo a severe Respiratory trouble of which the cure is not certain.
Doctors and Healthcare Professionals have concluded that Prevention is the main key and hence we ought to aim to fight it much before it can attack us.
Like other Health Portals and Platforms round the globe,we,the Team of Medblog18 is also receiving innumerable health-questions every single day.

So,here we’re presenting a brief outline to the ones in need, to help Preventing Covid-19.

  1. Avoid stepping out: It is advisable to stay home as much as possible during these days. Try to avoid Public gatherings as it increases the chance of infection by many folds. So,please don’t step out of home unless it is essential.
  2. Wear Face-mask: In case you need to go out, please do wear proper Masks. Yes, its a must and you’re not supposed to skip it. If possible use disposable/ single-use masks. and you don’t find them, disinfect your mask with Ethanol spray before every single use. If, at any point, you discover yourself without mask after you left home, immediately cover your face with a hanky/ tissue/ napkin.
  3. Protect your Eyes: Wear a pair of glasses while going outside. There’s a specific model of spectacles for this purpose. However, it has been found that even your normal glasses can provide a good quality of protection.
  4. Hand hygiene: Maintaining Hand hygiene plays a pivotal role in COVID-19 Prevention.
    Please wash your hand with soap every time you come home from outside. Wash both the hands including all the fingers, thumbs, palms and the back of your hands for atleast 20 seconds. It is best to follow the 7 step-WHO-guideline for Hand washing. You can take a look for it over the internet.
    Wear gloves before you touch anything in the public place. It might sound strange but its really important to avoid such contacts. If you are not equipped with a pair of gloves, please wrap your fingers with a tissue paper before you touch lift-buttons, hand rail, door lock of any public place.
    Do not touch your face/ nose/ eyes/ mouth with your hands outside your home. It is found that this virus spreads very well through Mucosal-membranes.
    Please keep on sanitizing your hands with Alcohol solution ( >60% alcohol concentration) from time to time while you’re out. It would lessen the chance of infection substantially.

5. Keep yourself warm: The initial symptoms of COVID-19 is pretty similar to those of Flu. Hence, it is advised to keep your body properly wrapped in warm clothes to avoid cold/ flu like symptoms.
According to the Doctors, the Virus spreads at a much faster speed in cold and dry condition.

6. Cough/ Sneeze: Please maintain a safe distance from a person who is coughing or sneezing. Make sure that your face is covered and then ask that person to cover his/ her face.
Also cover your own face while you get a bout of cough. Any excreta like nasal discharge or sputum should be disposed in a covered dustbin.This practice is known as ‘Catch it- bin it -kill it’.

7. Limited guests/ visitors: During this crucial time, it is best to limit the number of people coming to your home from outside. Please avoid it unless essential. If you have no other option, then please ask about their recent travel-history.

8. Food & Nutrition: General Immunity is the key of good health. It is proven from the Case-analysis of the COVID-19 Patients that those with good immunity, recovered with supportive therapy only. The overall Mortality or Death rate of COVID is 3-4 % only. Though the severity and the need of intensive care lets the Professionals worry so much.
To maintain a good level of immunity, healthy and nutritious food is unparallel. Fruits, Green leafy vegetables should be there in the diet. All kinds of Meats and eggs should be cooked thoroughly.
Doctors recommend a daily intake of Multivitamin- preparation ( especially those with Vit-D for the Asian & African populations)
or a balanced health-drink.
Regular exercise will boost your immunity.

9. Trust your Local health-system: Please have faith in the local/ national health system and follow their instructions/ guide-lines. Its a global issue and every country and community is well-aware and alert regarding the present situation. So, please ignore rumours and stay united against COVID.

10. See a Doctor: Whenever you feel sick,feel free to see your Doctor. As mentioned above, the initial symptoms of COVID are very common and non-specific like headache, bodyache, coughing etc. So, if you encounter with these symptoms, please don’t ignore and do consult your Doctor at your earliest convenience.


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