5 Ways To Protect yourself from Air Pollution


Pollution has been the alarming topic since last few decades. Most of the bigger cities in the world are plagued by air pollution while most of the people stays in the cities. According to United Nations, by 2050, 68% of the world’s population is projected to live in cities. Hence if the air pollution is not properly controlled then basically we are bringing devastating effect on this 68% of the population and also the humanity.

Obviously there have been initiatives by the Governments of different countries and other organizations but the hard work behind fighting the pollution remains unfilled until an individual takes initiatives to fight for himself or herself.

Hence it is important to know how you can protect yourself from air pollution in every day life.

Wear Mask

Mask is one of the easiest way to take protection. It is cheaper, easy to avail and easy to use method. You can buy easily from drug stores near you and it is very easy to wear. Although this method is very basic one but it may effectively block many larger particles of dust in the air. You can see mask is used by people of many cities like Tokyo, Beijing, Mumbai, etc. Wearing mask is quite advised by the doctors to limit disastrous effect on your health. Without thinking much, you should start wearing mask if you are the victim of city pollution.

Simply Avoid

This is very stupid to hear but it is one of the most effective method to protect yourself from air pollution. People settle in cities due to the fact that they can get more facilities like healthcare, education, jobs, etc. But if you can settle in some places between megacity and town then you may get facilities as well as you can avoid the harmful effects of the polluted environment.

Even if you stay in the city, then, you can avoid those places where pollution level is high or those days when the pollution level is high. You can even use some mobile apps where the pollution level in your city is shown.

Do Some Breathing Exercise

No, you cannot avoid air pollution by doing so. But if you are a city dweller and if you are the one who cannot avoid air pollution then you can do some breathing exercise at your home. Because doing some breathing exercise supply good air which fights back the harmful effects of air pollution to some extents.

Do Not Ignore Nutrition

Providing your body with good nutrition including vitamins and minerals improves your immunity and helps to fight back the effects of pollution. This is very general fact that if you can keep your body physically very strong then any disease cannot occur to you very easily. Although, there is no certainty in this regard, then also it is advisable to keep your body stronger in order to fight back the pollution. Specially vitamins rich foods, fruits, vegetables should be eaten in proper amount.

Use Some Purifier

You can buy Air Conditioner or any kind of air purifier to install at your home. These machines are very effective to keep the air clean only in your house. But this will increase the timing of your exposure to good quality air. Thus the supply of oxygen to brain will increase and hence reduce the impact of pollutants in your body.

Thus, it is very important at individual level to take care to avoid pollution and take some initiatives to reduce the impact of your body. There are initiatives by the organizations and governments but they may not be well effect or quick enough to manage the harmful effects of pollution. You should not wait for others to take some actions. Rather you should be caring about yourself, your family members and children. So, without wasting time, you can do some of the steps above so that you can provide your family a good future and a healthy life.

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