10 Things That Makes You Think Again Whether To Become Parents


Are you going to become Parents?

Are you going to become parents soon? These are some 10 explanations that will make you think whether to become parents or not.

It is a social dogma to start a family and to have daughters and sons. But in lots of cases, it has been seen it results in unfortunately occurrences. Anyway, out of flow of the society, without questioning yourself, it is relevant and safe to have babies?

Here we have listed 10 things that will urge you to think twice before becoming parents.

Think twice before becoming Parents

1. It is your responsibility to provide them with money, foods, clothes, education. You cannot neglect that and you also have to maintain the quality. After having babies, you cannot deny to provide your children with all these. There may unwanted demand from your child’s end like she or he wants to have a fancy and costly clothes. I may seem to you that it is useless and yes, you have to fulfill your child’s useless demands also, sometimes at large costs.

2. Things will not happen in your way. They may choose different life paths and if you do not allow, you will be enemy forever. Your opinion and your child’s opionion may be opposite and in reality, it is the most of the time. So, do not expect that everything will go according to your plan. For an instance, you may have a great plan of your child’s education but on the contrary, you child is thinking of becoming a famous singer.

3. Your child may not like to do what you like. It will everyday’s issue. For an instance, you as a parent would clash often with your child over watching television programs. Obviously, you choice of program will definitely not be the choice your child.

4. There may be mismatch in everything when they will be grown. You may make your small child silent or may scold them a little to listen to you. But when they become adult, expect the same from their end.

5. Child may try to make you fool for their own. Many a times, parents think their well grown-adult child is same as before. But a big NO. Your small child may grow and change according to the tough times they are facing and you never knew that. They can manipulate you for their personal gains, even, at your loss.

6. You may not cope up with the generation and your grown up child may over ride you in every explanation. You may think this point is useless. But this is one of the most frequent happening. After you have parented them and made your child a successful person, you may think you might get some kind of prizes from them. But in reality, they will give you a hard hit by yelling at you what you did wrong throughout your parenting days and how you made him upset. In the end, they will be proving to you that you have done everything bad, even if, you have spent a lot of money to make him or her whatever they are today.

7. When they will be married, they may try to choose your belongings over you. Not only property or money, but also they may take your everyday belongings. A sudden change is expected in your child and you child will surely choose his/her spouse over you in almost everything. So, if you child (now a married one) and his spouse are with you at your home, do not expect to be the king of the home which you were for few last decades.

8. Even if you think, you have done enough for them, it will never be enough for your children and it is very likely that they will blame you. Quite evidently, you cannot fulfill the “enough” quota and you will have thousands of mistakes which your child will point at you, after you have finished parenting. Do not expect a good result.

9. Do not dream that you will be happy in future with your children and their kids. It is not going to happen, NEVER! Actually, the social system has become so tough that its very difficult to remain happy. So, do not think that you are building a happy family. Get ready for the worse because from financial troubles to social dilemma, everything is going to hit you, if you are verge of having babies.

10. Before going for a baby, think about your money and economy whether you can afford now and in future. [Click this if you have trouble in having babies]

If you haven’t understood, you can experiment to have a result in front of you

In the end, you may feel like laughing, but if you are really going to be a dad or mom very soon, this is the article, you will remember throughout your life.

These are some Reality Points to remember before you decide to become parents.

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