10 Must-Know Points about Malaria

anopheles mosquito

Below 10 points are very important for everyone to know. These points may make your aware about malaria and help you to prevent the same.

  1. The word Malaria means Mal – bad and aria – air. In 18th century, people thought malaria occurs due to breathing in bad air in marshy area.
  2. There are five different parasites that cause malaria in human. But these parasites are transmitted by from one infected persons to another healthy person by mosquito as vector.
  3. Malaria is also transmitted by blood transfusion, sharing needles and through pregnancy. That is to say, pregnant mothers can transmit malaria to unborn child
  4. There is a promising vaccine ready.
  5. Very effective and easy to understand method of detecting malaria is high fever with chills. If found in someone, refer immediately to doctor
  6. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment is the most effective way to cure malaria
  7. Malaria, if not treated effectively, may re-occur year after year
  8. A Good news. Mortality rates are falling since 2000 year
  9. Malaria breeds in warmer, humid climate and in rainy season mostly.
  10. Most important is Prevention. Using Bed Nets, vaccine, changing water stored somewhere, using repellant.

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