10 Carcinogens You Face Everyday


This is a small list to go through the most often encountered carcinogens in every day life.

  1. Second Hand smoke: If not first hand, you may be second hand smoker. That means, you inhaled the smoke which is exhaled by a smoker
  2. Burned Food, like in Barbeque foods. There is strong link to carcinoma
  3. Wood Dust as in sawmill
  4. Many air pollutants which are present in major cities
  5. Arsenic, sometimes present in drinking water.
  6. Too much UV rays from sunlight
  7. Estrogen in form of tablet (combined pills), foods containing estrogen
  8. Processed Meat like salami, sausage, etc
  9. Too much hot foods or drinks
  10. Gas and soot from trains, cars, etc

Although inhaling or getting exposure to these things will immediately not give you cancer. Chronic exposure and many other factors like your gene will play a role in causing cancer. Do not Panic! Be Cautious!

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